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8 Things you need to know before deploying in Tom Clancy’s: The Division

With the Open Beta wrapping up for Ubisofts new massive open world game, the guys and gals at Game Grit have clocked in some serious time carefully combing over the streets of Manhattan with other Age...Read More

Staff Blog

Game Grit 3.0

Howdy Game Grit fans! It’s been quite a long while, far too long, in fact and it’s so good to be back in action. Back earlier in the year, an error in an update to Game Grit’s core s...Read More

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Dragon Age: Inquisition review

The newest installment of Bioware’s Dragon Age series hit the shelves last week and I promptly bought it and threw it into my Xbox One. I suffer slight hesitation, however. In the past, I loved Dragon...Read More

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