Month: October 2013

GTA: Online controversy continues, players lash back against shady patches

The War of Man against company continues after Fridays 1.04 patch for the newly fabled Grand Theft Auto: Online. Players around the globe are outraged and quite rightfully so, as Rockstar has been sho...

Grand Theft Auto V Review

Welcome to the beautiful city of Los Santos, where the sun always shines, the water is always warm and the people are 75% plastic! We dive right into Rockstars much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 expl...


Rockstar lays the (ban)hammer down on GTA: Online exploits

Bugs in new video games are certainly to be expected, but when the online component is affected, even a small bug can ruin the experience for everyone. That might explain the heavy-handed approach Roc...

Keep your $500,000 Rockstar, just fix your game.

You have to respect Rockstar for releasing GTA Online as straight-up GTA Online and not some milksop hedge like “GTA Online Beta.” Lesser companies do that for months or years while taking your money ...

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