Month: May 2014

Trails: Fusion Multiplayer won’t be included in the first Feature Pack

A RedLynx community manager has confirmed via Ubisoft Forums that the Online Multiplayer for Trials: Fusion won’t be coming in the first Feature Pack, due to release within “The next few w...

Xbox One’s June update includes External Drives and Real Names

Alright, Xbox One fans. It’s update time for Microsoft’s next-gen console, and the company has taken to its blog to spill the beans on all the new features that are scheduled to arrive as ...

Sunset Overdrive trailers shows off the over the top Sunset City

As the trailer shows it comes across as very much a cross between Ratchet & Clank (bright graphics, highly inventive weapons), Jet Set Radio (the grinding and irreverent attitude), and, inFamous (...

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