Bethesda “Drops the Ball” with new Dragonborn Add-on

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As many of you know, the new Skyrim Add-on entitled “Dragonborn” was put on to the Xbox LIVE marketplace yesterday. After the team went through it, we agreed on one thing. Bethesda really missed the mark on this one.

Though the new quests can be quite compelling, Bethesda just didn’t deliver what they promised. Oh yes, the new armor is very shiny and fits snugly, blah blah blah. But for $20 dollars, you could have bought a nice T-shirt that fit just as well.

One of the keypoints that players are absolutely outraged about is one of the selling points of this Add-on, that being the ability to summon a Dragon mount to fly you through the skies of Tamriel, what Bethesda doesn’t tell you is that you can’t fly the Dragon, the Dragon flies you… In a predetermined path… Around in circles until you feel that you could vomit, from Nausea or anger. Kotaku simply writes that it’s “…Disappointing” There is one plus side to this though, if there are any monsters in the area, you can lock on to them and order the dragon to attack it. Making Dragon riding more of a novelty rather than a practice.  This is not a having your cake and eating it too moment, It’s more of a Having your cake and being diabetic.

Still, if the fact that a second Dragon born roams the depths of Tamriel while you Idly slay dragons is gnawing at you like a wolf with a trapped arm and you feel that you have  no other choice but to determine his fate through Mono-a-mono Combat than you can Purchase the new addition to Skyrim for 1600 points, First on Xbox LIVE

Gameplay - 6.5
Graphics - 7
Audio - 5
Story-Telling - 0
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