Death Stranding: The first title to debut from fabled Game designer Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions


When Kojima and Konami parted ways late last year, the collective gaming world stopped breathing. This was the end of an era, a final goodbye to not only the Metal Gear Franchise but the legendary storyteller that made all of those moments real. Shortly after, Hideo Kojima announced that he had started his own studio which sat independently from Konami to continue bringing narrative driven masterpieces to the forefront in a way that only Kojima himself could do and just like that, a new era began.

Finally, after teaser shots of the Kojima Production logo and the further revelation that said logo would be the future focus of Kojima’s next protagonist, he’s revealed a small teaser trailer for what his studio has been working on. A mysterious little project called Death Stranding.

The Trailer, which is stunningly easy on the eyes, shows a very naked Norman Reedus, yes [b]The Norman Reedus[/b] seemingly regaining consciousness just off a desolate sandy beach coast with an equally as naked infant helpless before him. The very distraught Reedus embraces the child in what can only be described as the most painful few seconds of confusion and realization ever conceived, only to have the child fade to nothing to reveal his oil-soaked hands. Pan out to a barren seabed with thousands of dead fish and look upon the horizon for the games title.

This trailer can only be accurately described as the most brutally psychedelic PETA Public Service Announcement ever created and it looks pretty damn badass.