Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation


Bioware has been working on the next installment to the Dragon Age franchise, entitled “Dragon Age: Inquisition” For the past three years. Originally slated for an October release date, Bioware delayed the game release until November 18th to add on a little polish. Since the announcement of the Delay however, Bioware has been deeply engaged with the Dragon Age community, releasing staggering amounts of media ranging from Screenshots, to Developer blogs, to even firsthand looks at gameplay videos showcasing combat, Story-line and most recently, Character creation.

The video above shows the expansive details that go into creating your Inquisitor and demonstrates that the player can now make even the most precise edits to the hero you become. The robust editor now even includes real-time face and feature scaling, a massive variety of presets and use of a powerful hex style color wheel to ensure that your hair color is just the right shade of awesome.