Fan game Pokemon Uranium still alive and kicking


If you’ve been following the news about Pokemon Uranium, the game that IGN called The most impressive unofficial Pokemon RPG ever made you’ve probably heard that the series creators, two individuals who go by Twitch and JV have officially released a statement saying that they would cease support for the game and no further updates or services would be available. many assumed that Pokemon Uranium would sink into obscurity like most popular fan games.

But it didn’t.

A small group of fans have banded together to restore services to Uranium to give users access to online features. At the time this article was written, users can trade and battle Pokemon online and two major patches have been released to address bugs, apply fixes, and introduce new features.In addition, the same fans have provided a website nearly identical to the original so that other fans can gather to continuing discussing the game as well as make a few new friends on the way.


You can see for yourself here:

It seems that, at least for now, the fans have every intention to ensure that Pokemon Uranium stays in the limelight for the foreseeable future