First look at Gameplay for Final Fantasy 7 Remake PSX 2015


My job here at Game Grit requires me to have a certain level of composure. To display a level of professionalism that shows not only my passion for Video Games, but my ability to effectively write about them. With that being said, when I saw this video I shrieked like a school girl, swooned and then fainted in the most non-masculine way possible. It was quite an experience.

Square Enix, known formally as Squaresoft at the original 1997 release has released the very first look at Gameplay of the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which was announced earlier this year at E3 in the form of an intriguing teaser trailer. The game looks radically different and combat, parties and exploration seem to have been redone entirely. What’s intriguing is that despite all of these changes, Square Soft is still effectively telling the story we all know and love. To top it all off, the tell that story in the way of a full voice cast. No more text boxes for us, this is the future!

The Ramakes release date hasn’t been teased yet, but it’s expected to launch first on Playstation 4 followed by a multi-platform release sometime afterward. ┬áIt’s safe to assume it’s still quite a ways off but from what we’ve seen thus far the final product looks incredibly promising, see the video below!