Major Nelson talks E3 and the Xbox/PC Bromance

If you’re a Microsoft fan and/or just love gaming, you’ve likely played around with Xbox and if you’ve had a Xbox LIVE account, it’s hard to picture the brand without first thinking of who is arguably the “Face of Xbox” none other than Larry Hyrb or as most know him by his Gamertag, Major Nelson.

Larry Hyrb, who’s official title is Xbox Live’s Director of Programming recently sat down to one of his Live Radio podcasts where he talks about all sorts of goodies, ranging from PAX, The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and a new feature that the core team at Xbox plan to bring to the Xbox One Console.

First and foremost, Larry mentioned that Xbox will be hosting “a couple of days of live shows” at E3 and they have “Some cool stuff” planned. It’s easy to speculate that some of the cool stuff involves the Xbox One summer anniversary update which is said to include among other things, Background Music and integration for the Windows 10 assistant Cortana with the use of the Kinect 2.0 Sensor.

In addition, when talking about the ongoing steps to bring a stronger connection between Xbox and PC users, Larry talked to the team who are working on an app that allows the Xbox One to stream games to PC and even mentioned that team is experimenting with ways to implement a beta option to stream via the internet (outside of your local network) and try out how it works. One large problem, of course, rests on the fact that many users would experience intermittence in service or even be locked out of the app completely due to low bandwidth.

Moving on to Gears of War 4 news, when asked if a limited edition console modelled after the game would be released, all Larry could say at the time was “I hear you.” hopefully we’ll have more details on that closer to it’s October 11th release date.

Last but certainly not least he made mention of the overwhelming positive feedback that users have had for the Xbox One Elite Controller and that Microsoft hears you “Loud and Clear”. People have shown a remarkable interest in premium experiences and though he couldn’t give specifics, he said that Microsoft is “absolutely working on something like that” for the future

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