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Do you love video games? Do you love talking about Video games? Do you like talking about what you do or don’t like about Video games? Are you excited about video game news? If the answer to all of those questions was Yes! Our doors are open to you.


Game Grit is always looking for people enthusiastic about play and writing about Video games. What do you love about them? What do you hate about them? What made that game special to you? Don’t just think about it, put pen to paper and tell a crowd of thousands what the mean to you! Consider joining the GG Family.

Game Grit is a non-profit website, and we rely on Website ads and quality articles to gain traffic and monetary worth. But what does that mean for you?

– Form a relationship with our veteran writers for helpful tips and tricks

– All articles you submit are signed with your name

– Add yourself to the fabled Game Grit “Author” page

– Need volunteer hours? We sign work sheets!

– Wanting the form a resume for your career? Game Grit is a fantastic starter-level position that looks great on paper!


Open positions

Authors x 3

Contributors x3


What’s the difference?

Authors are where the elite meet to defeat! They carry the Game Grit name and are official members of our fine website, these are truly the professional and fantastic people on our team working to make themselves even better and brighter, this passion for video games brings new life to our adventures.

Contributors are independent free agents who submit articles on behalf of themselves, or another website they’re fond of. (For Example, if you write an article on a Website you own and share it with Game Grit, you’re contributing that article with us.) Though contributors don’t get the shiny “I Work Here” badge, they do get a certain amount of¬†liberty with the articles they post.


Play video games and Write about them, how awesome does that sound!?

Just about ready to get started, fill out this contact form to get in direct contact with our Head Honcho and Administrator, be sure to leave your name and why you’re writing!



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