Rockstar officially Announces Red Dead Redemption 2


This is an exciting time for Gamers.

It all started earlier in the week, when Rockstar Games changed their Twitter display picture to the Rockstar logo done up in the Red Dead Art style. The internet lost its mind.

Fast forward to the day after, Rockstar Games updates it’s Twitter Header background to a massive banner depicting seven Cowboys being dramatically silhouetted by an ominous red sunset. The internet lost its mind again.

Fast forward another say and what does Rockstar Games do? After six long, grueling years filled with silence and disappointing E3 showcases, Rockstar finally officially announces the sequel to the 2010 dramatic Western RPG Classic Red Dead Redemption and on top of it all, we have a release window. The next Red Dead game is set to release in Fall of 2017.

But wait, there’s more! On top of the exciting news and impressive new art, Rockstar parent company Take Two¬†has purchased the Domain and Rockstar has confirmed that a Western rendition of the incredibly popular GTA: Online will land in tandem with Red Dead Redemption 2. Last but not least, Rockstar Games will be releasing the first official Trailer for RDR2 tomorrow, October 20th to give players a better look at what to expect this time next year!