Skate 4 may actually exist!


EA’s Skate franchise has seen a massive surge in popularity¬†So much so that EA had to start re-printing copies of Skate 3 to keep up with the demand of the aging game.¬†EA’s social media accounts and reddit threads were all filled with the #Skate4 in every possible spot, regardless of context or content, people even reportedly voted for Skate 4 as a write-in in the 2016 Presidential election!

As it turns out, all of those outcries, tens of thousands of tweets and even… votes? May have paid off as EA’s senior manager of Community engagement, Daniel Lingen, tweeted this very mysterious, very cryptic message on Saturday.

The Skate franchise hasn’t seen a release since 2010 when the series’ seemingly last entry “Skate 3” hit the shelves for last gen hardware. It’s safe to say that fans have been waiting almost 7 entire years for a sequel and it finally looks like those hopes have a chance of being answered

Or we’re all just being trolled and Daniel’s having a good’ol giggle right now, only time will tell!