Skate 4 may actually exist!

EA’s Skate franchise has seen a massive surge in popularity So much so that EA had to start re-printing copies of Skate 3 to keep up with the demand of the aging game. EA’s social media ac...

Dragon Age: Inquisition review

The newest installment of Bioware’s Dragon Age series hit the shelves last week and I promptly bought it and threw it into my Xbox One. I suffer slight hesitation, however. In the past, I loved Dragon...


Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation

Bioware has been working on the next installment to the Dragon Age franchise, entitled “Dragon Age: Inquisition” For the past three years. Originally slated for an October release date, Bi...

Last Gen Consoles are here to stay!

With the rush of next generation titles being pushed these days, you might think that Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in your entertainment center is quickly becoming outdated equipment.   And while it...

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