Dragon Age: Inquisition review

The newest installment of Bioware’s Dragon Age series hit the shelves last week and I promptly bought it and threw it into my Xbox One. I suffer slight hesitation, however. In the past, I loved Dragon...

9.2 Amazing

Watch Dogs review

Having just completed Watch Dogs recently, I can safely say there is a lot to cover. Ubisoft provides us with a gorgeous open world ripe with opportunity for the perhaps too curious player as you spra...

8.5 Great

Trials: Fusion review

As a long time fan of the Trials Franchise, having played the original PC arcade games on Miniclips (Cheers if you get that reference) I was a tad more excited than the average bear when the game was ...

7.6 Good

Thief Review

Nothing quite matches the excitement that people feel when one of their favorite Game Franchises is scheduled for a reboot, it’s a warm tingling feeling filled with hopes and dreams. The Thief reboot ...

3.5 Bad

Grand Theft Auto V Review

Welcome to the beautiful city of Los Santos, where the sun always shines, the water is always warm and the people are 75% plastic! We dive right into Rockstars much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 expl...

9.9 Amazing

Review: State of Decay. Post Title Update

During my hot summer days with beautiful weather, what else could a normal man do but stay indoors all day trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, am I right? I thought so. State of Decay is a third ...

8.5 Great
Gears of War Judgement

Review – Gears of War Judgement

With the recent release of Team EPIC / People Can fly entitled Gears of War: Judgement, we get a look at what it was to be a COG before everybody knew what the Locust were, as this game takes place as...

7.7 Good

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