Major Nelson talks E3 and the Xbox/PC Bromance

If you’re a Microsoft fan and/or just love gaming, you’ve likely played around with Xbox and if you’ve had a Xbox LIVE account, it’s hard to picture the brand without first thi...

Oops! Xbox LIVE Service is down

XBOX LIVE IS NOW UP AND RUNNING   It appears that the boys at Microsoft are having issues with the Xbox LIVE Service, at the moment, people will have trouble accessing Xbox LIVE, and the Xbox LIV...

Gears of War Judgement

Review – Gears of War Judgement

With the recent release of Team EPIC / People Can fly entitled Gears of War: Judgement, we get a look at what it was to be a COG before everybody knew what the Locust were, as this game takes place as...


Skyrim : Dragonborn DLC Releases today on Xbox 360

Get your voices ready fellow Nords of Skyrim, for a new rival arises. Did you honestly think you were the only Dragonborn? Oh you petty fool. Take a look at the one who came before in what promises to...

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