Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Diamond Camouflage

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, players were subjected to many new features; ranging from scorestreaks (formerly addressed as Killstreaks), Camouflages, attachments, and maps. Naturally, there is a lot of discussion about this all, but one in particular has captured the attention of the Multiplayer enthusiasts.

The Diamond Camo is made available when a user has completed an entire weapon tier (also known as a class). These are divided into the Assault Rifle, Sub-Machine Guns, Light-Machine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Launchers, and Special. Each contains guns that match their classes, and right so, their general use. Shotguns are more useful for Short-Range combat, where as Sniper Rifles would be the most appropriate for Long-Range combat.

As you use each gun, you’re subject to leveling it up for attachments (generated experience is gained from kills with that specific weapon) and skins or camouflages (gained from head-shot counts and unlocked achievements).

As headshots are accumulated on a specific weapon (one-shot kills for sniper rifles), various camouflages are unlocked until 100 headshots (250 one-shot kills) have been achieved. After this, more gun-specific challenges that will test the users skill with the weapon are unlocked. These include:

  • 50 kills without any attachments
  • 50 kills without any perks
  • 10 longshots
  • 10 bloodthirsty medals (5 kill streak) using only the weapon.

Once all of these challenges have been completed (each unlocking a camo upon completion) you will be rewarded with the Gold Camo. Once the Gold has been achieved, you may change your gun, and repeat this process until you’ve finished all of the guns in a tier.

Once, a tier is completed you’ll get a notification on your screen (whilst in game) saying that you’ve unlocked the Diamond Camo, either finish the game or leave early (choice is yours) and go to customize your weapon (like you normally would). After the Gold Camo, you’ll see Diamond appear for any guns in that class, and available to any guns as well.

Simply select that camo, and you’re set!

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