Assassins Creed 3: Additional Outfit Guide

List of Unlockable Costumes and Outfits Assassin Robes Captain of the Aquila Costume Colonial Assassin Ezio Costume Prisoner Clothes Altair’s Robes Captain Kidd’s Robes Achilles’ Ori...

Xbox 360 members unlock 4.5 Billion Achievements! Celebrates 10 years of Fun!

Since Microsoft launched the Gamerscore system, gamers have earned over 270 billion achievement points and unlocked a whopping 4.5 billion achievements. That’s according to Microsoft, currently celebr...

Call of Duty Black Ops II Security and Enforcement form.

See this little form? It’s going to keep you from getting banned, reset and really really frustrated with with Call of Duty Black Ops II The form explains what can be done and what can’t b...

GTA 5 Trailer Released! Family Feuds Fighter Jets and Dogs

  Last week we gathered all the first GTA V details, including a breakdown on each of the game’s three main characters, dynamic missions, and more.

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