Disney plans to release two new Star Wars’ shooters: First Assault and Battlefront 3

You have already lost a dream to play Star Wars: Battlefront 3? There is still hope! Kotaku published the info received from Disney, according to which the company plans to release a prequel to the Battlefront 3 that is named Star Wars First Assault. There were rumors about First Assault last fall, although there was very little information to make any predictions. A new Star Wars series shooter’s release was estimated on this spring, but most of all, it will be postponed along with Star Wars 1313.Star wars bf 3

Star Wars First Assault is a Battlefield-like shooter in the setting of the George Lucas’ universe. The game was focused on the battles up to 16 players on a single map in several different modes. Also, the developers planned to do a small single-player campaign, to uncover more story of the rebels and stormtroopers conflict. In addition, it is known that one of the programmers’ teams was working on the creation such prototypes as: spaceship TIE Fighter, walker AT-ST, ground tanks, and more. First Assault – is a classic shooter, and so, unfortunately, there can not be any Jedi .

The Star Wars First Assault, Star Wars: Battlefront 3, Star Wars 1313 current projects status is still unknown.

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