Fallout 4 Review

           It’s been just over a week since Bethesda Game Studios rolled out Fallout 4 to the public, in that time I’ve clocked in over 3 days of play time, killed hundreds upon hundreds o...


Dragon Age: Inquisition review

The newest installment of Bioware’s Dragon Age series hit the shelves last week and I promptly bought it and threw it into my Xbox One. I suffer slight hesitation, however. In the past, I loved Dragon...


Watch Dogs review

Having just completed Watch Dogs recently, I can safely say there is a lot to cover. Ubisoft provides us with a gorgeous open world ripe with opportunity for the perhaps too curious player as you spra...


Grand Theft Auto V Review

Welcome to the beautiful city of Los Santos, where the sun always shines, the water is always warm and the people are 75% plastic! We dive right into Rockstars much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 expl...


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