Grand Theft Auto 5 – What we Expect

With the recent news of the mass production of the quickly approaching Grand Theft Auto 5 people have been raving and ranting in excitement eagerly waiting to re-visit the beautiful lands of Los Santos. We at Game Grit expect great things from Rockstar as Grand Theft Auto IV is still on the charts of most played games on the Xbox 360 today. However we’re hoping that Rockstar has greatly improved on some of the mechanic from Grand Theft Auto IV as even by the standards of Yesteryear were sub-par.


Here’s what we’re expecting from Grand Theft Auto 5

A Cover System we actually understand

The first, and possibly most important thing we expect from Grand Theft Auto 5 is a sticky cover system that is actually more effective than the traditional run and gun we’re used to. In Grand Theft Auto IV the cover system was clunky, awkward and only had one speed: Pointless. Using cover was one of the most detrimental things you could do in the past, as by the time you got to where you needed to be as you’re stuck to a wall, eagerly approaching a corner to flank your enemy as a turtle matches your speed and ends up at your Enemy before you do, the enemy player has already turned the corner, took the proper time to aim and has given you a whole bunch of new holes to breathe through. Of course you can’t defend yourself as getting into Cover angled your Camera at your players face so you could see just how awkward taking cover was. We’re not terribly worried though as the Cover system used in Rockstars Red Dead Redemption was pretty damn effective.


Streetlamps, Horrible Streetlamps.

Grand Theft Auto, may it be III, Vice City, San Andreas or just the name in general suggests that you’re going to do a lot of driving, and they aren’t wrong! You do an obsessive amount of Driving, which would be fine if every collapsible object wasn’t a safety hazard secretly waiting with a smug smile on it’s face to make your life as miserable as humanly possible. Driving was fun until someone knocked over a streetlamp, or a Telephone poll only to have it land in the middle of the street to have you drive over it, have your car violently flip several times while getting 50 feet worth of hang time all to end by landing upside down. Congratulations player, you’ve just become a turtle! Better find a new car so you can knock your faster vehicle back on all 4’s again.

We’re eager to see how GTA V handles this issue since we haven’t had an example of it in current Rockstar titles, after all Horses and Telephone polls don’t really mix, even though they’re really fuel efficient.


Rinse, wash and repeat

In past Grand Theft Auto games going back to the days of Grand Theft Auto 3 up until the current days of Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar games have held the same Cookie Cutter based mission system that in the start seemed like a really cool idea, but the novelty slowly waned on people. The mission process always involved you driving from Point A to Point B, shooting everything that draws breath and than escaping the Police. Or Shooting up point A, driving to point B and getting ambushed by the police. Or Driving to Point A, pick up a friend and drop him off a point B, finding out he left drugs in your car on your way to point C and outrunning… the police. We’re confident however that Grand Theft Auto will break these rusty chains and run as all of the footage that we’ve seen has given us a world teaming with extra goodies and fantastic possible story plots. (Can someone say Liquor store Heist?)


All and all, despite what we want to see in Grand Theft Auto 5, we’re just going to have to wait and see what the game brings to the table and hope that after a shocking 4 year pause between Grand Theft Auto games has left Rockstar lots of time to build this game up and apply the polish.

Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves on September 17th for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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