GTA: Online controversy continues, players lash back against shady patches

The War of Man against company continues after Fridays 1.04 patch for the newly fabled Grand Theft Auto: Online. Players around the globe are outraged and quite rightfully so, as Rockstar has been showing a pattern of poor prioritizing habits and Opaque game decisions that has put GTA: Online on the path to restrictive gameplay.

The in-game updates that don’t require a full patch, more commonly known as “Ninja Upgrades” are changes that a developer can make server side without a full sized mandatory patch. These Ninja Upgrades have included blocking the Mission Replay button, significantly shrinking “Survival Mode” play areas and most recently cutting all mission pays by 50%, meaning that you receive half the money for repeating any one mission. These updates are completely invisible and are never stated in the patch notes, making players wary of their trust in the sandbox developer for their lack of transparency.

What players are concerned about is that Rockstar appears to be focusing more on tweaking balance rather than fixing functionality, players have reported to still be losing Characters and progress, apartments, car mods and even the vehicles themselves. Leaving players hundreds of thousands of (GTA) dollars in debt or without Characters at all.

In any case, it seems that the sloppy prioritizing and secretive changes are leaving a very sour taste in players mouths and rumors around the table of conspiracy are saying that these sneaky updates, poorly functioning cloud servers and list of flaws in the midst of the current Grand Theft Auto: Online is all a ploy to lure players into taking the easy way out to use real currency to buy the GTA$ Cash cards when they’re released in order to reconcile their losses. Of course, none of it can be proven.

Readers, what do you think? Could GTA: Online be a gluttonous, clunky blunder as it trips and twists it’s way to the title of “Worst Online Launch”? Or is it a planned disaster to be recovered with your hard earned dime? Leave your thoughts below.

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