Rockstar lays the (ban)hammer down on GTA: Online exploits

Bugs in new video games are certainly to be expected, but when the online component is affected, even a small bug can ruin the experience for everyone. That might explain the heavy-handed approach Rockstar is said to be taking with a new GTA Online glitch.

With a little setup and perseverance, Xbox players can sell the same vehicle as many times as they like, becoming GTA billionaires overnight. Just like with real crime, this activity is not without risks. Players who take advantage of the bug risk a ban from the online version of the game.

It’s unlikely that anyone using this particular exploit was happening upon it by accident. In order to trick the game into spawning the infinitely salable vehicle, you need to get a vehicle that is valued as close to $50,000 as possible, which is the cut-off for what the bugged shop, Los Santos Customs will buy. This bug only happens in invite-only online games, so after acquiring a vehicle, you have to jump into single player and start an invite-only online game.

This, of course, seriously imbalances the online economy of GTA V. It’s almost like players are stealing money in a game about stealing things. That simply won’t do, so the ban hammer is allegedly hitting hard. A number of players report they have been booted from the game after using the exploit. Rockstar has allegedly told affected gamers that it will continue banning people from GTA Online who abuse the bug until it is fixed. It may also work with Microsoft to ban the console from all online play.

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