Sunset Overdrive trailers shows off the over the top Sunset City

As the trailer shows it comes across as very much a cross between Ratchet & Clank (bright graphics, highly inventive weapons), Jet Set Radio (the grinding and irreverent attitude), and, inFamous (the parkour and the open world city).

It looks like a fun combination, with a highly interactive open world environment to explore and some great weapons (including the Roman candle gun and one that shoots explosive teddy bears). There’s also a perk system called amps where you can choose from a variety of effects including summoning tornadoes to randomly setting off nuclear explosions. We particularly like the respawn animations, which have you rising from the grave in an Egyptian sarcophagus and been dumped on the ground by a UFO. The Californian surfer dude humour might be an acquired taste but the fact that the game has a sense of humour of any kind, and any colour other than brown, is a great relief. There’s no hint of a multiplayer mode, but we’re willing to bet that’s just a matter of time. There’s no clue as to the release date either but it is definitely this year, so we’d imagine sometime this autumn.

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