8 Things you need to know before deploying in Tom Clancy’s: The Division

With the Open Beta wrapping up for Ubisofts new massive open world game, the guys and gals at Game Grit have clocked in some serious time carefully combing over the streets of Manhattan with other Agents. Before activating as an Agent and taking back New York, take these tips with you to ensure the highest rate of survival.


1. Dismantle old gear instead of selling it.

Though we didn’t get to experience crafting in the Beta, we got small pieces about whats involved. As you take down enemies and complete missions, you’re going to collect armor and weapons that are better than what you previously had available. These items can be broken down in to 2 different categories of materials. One for weapons and one for armor. These parts are broken down into rarities. IE. A green item will produce green parts, a purple item will produce purple parts. These parts are used to create weapons and armor from the Blueprints you’ve collected.


2. Don’t forget to apply mods to your skills and abilities.

As you level up in the Division, you’ll be presented with new skills and abilities. As you rebuild and improve your HQ’s various different sections, you’ll unlock modifiers that change what the skill does, or augment the ability to make it stronger. You can select up to two abilities to use at any given time can mod them both. These skills and abilities are interchangeable and can be switched at any time using the In-game start menu.

3. You can also mod your weapons at any time.

On top of being able to select your abilities at any point in the game, you can also mod your weapons with attachments and camos on the fly. By accessing your inventory and hovering over a weapon you can open the mod screen which will allow you to put the attachments you have available in your backpack onto your guns. The attachments range from Magazines, to grips, to muzzle breaks and suppressors and even optics and laser sights.

[blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Modding your Weapons”][/blockquote]

4. You have consumable items that boost your performance

[blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Consumable menu in The Division”][/blockquote]

Using the Directional pad on your controller gives you access to a few neat menus, one of those menus provides a list of consumables that can help you in the field. Some remove various status effects, others boost damage against certain types of enemies. Some modify your ammunition, allowing you to use incendiary and explosive rounds.

5. Make your way into the Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is The Divisions PvP Area, it’s also where some of the best loot in the game resides. Agents who attack other Agents without cause are marked as Rogue, players then have the options to participate in a Manhunt to eliminate these other agents. The more agents you kill as a Rogue, the longer your countdown is before you’re reinstated as an Agent. Killing Rogue agents grant you bonus experience but surviving Rogue Status also provides a large XP boost.

6. Loot collected in the Dark Zone needs to be extracted before you can use it

The Dark Zone isn’t without it’s own twists and risks. For starters any loot you pick up while in the PvP area is placed in to your pack but has been contaminated by the Green Poison. The disease that eliminated 95% of the population of Manhattan. To make it ready for use, you must head to one of the Games designated extraction zones and call in a helicopter to collect your items.BE WARNED Any items you have picked up can be dropped and collected by other players if you’re killed before extracting them.

7. Travel in groups!

The Division has no shortage of challenges and has no qualms about throwing massive amounts of enemies for you to fight, it’s also smart to bring your friends into the Dark Zone with you. Team work is the key to success in Manhattan. the highest chance of success on a mission or the highest level of success when extracting Gear in the Dark Zone is dependent on the people you have at your back.

8. Search the area

After clearing out a hideout of baddies, it’s easy to want to rush into the next battle. Slow your roll, agent! There are valuable loot and collectables hidden all around you! This loot varies from ammo, to rare crafting components and things like files and cellphones that provide tidbits of information regarding the origins of the Green Poison and how people reacted at the beginning of the outbreak giving you a clearer idea of how the world you explore came to be.

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