Tips and Tricks: Far Cry 3

As you wonder through the lush dangerous Jungles of Far Cry 3 on a Vendetta mission to save your friends and Family, you’re going to need a Jungle guide to help you survive the Pirate Onslaughts and random Animal attacks. In this guide, we’ll give you simple yet effective tricks to survive the unforgiving Wilderness of Rook Island

Tip 1: Syringes, make a lot of them.

In the world of Far Cry, the clearly Badass Protagonist Jason Brody is going to take a lot of heat, gunfire an extrodanary amount of Gashes, and the occasional Boo-boo. though you have the option to do the awesome thing and snap broken bones back into place all while chewing bullets out of your arm, this takes a while. Packing a healthy stock of Syringes will ensure a quick health boost in a fire fight.


Tip 2: Invest your time, Not your money.

Throughout your misguided adventures, drug induced mindf*cks and sexy endevours, you’re going to have to eventually upgrade your gear. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on that shiny new Recurve Bow you’ve had your eyes on, look up and set your sights on the Radio Towers, removing the Jammers from the top of the tower will give you a more open area of the map, along with making some weapons available for free. The more Radio Towers you nab, the more weapons you get free of charge.

Tip 3: Silent but deadly

Look, we all love killing pirates, but lets face the facts, you’re not Rambo, you’re a wealthy white teenager with an addiction to adrenaline. Sure, you could waste all of your precious Ammo on meger enemies, but why do that when you can be as silent as possible and stab a Machete right through their hearts? We recommend investing in the Various Takedown perks available in your Skill trees, top that off with a silenced Sniper Rifle for those tough as nail situations and you’re golden.

Tip 4: Rocks are your friend.

If you are taking the silent route, but can’t find a way to get to Guy A because Guy B is staring him in the face, press right on the D-Pad to throw a rock, this will distract all enemies in the area, turning in the direction that the rock landed. This will give you the perfect opportunity to sneak up on the scallywags and take them all out without raising the Alarm.

Final Tip: Side Quests, do them.

Now we know that in a lot of games, the only reason that Side Quests exist is to distract you from the main story so that the game seems longer, this isn’t quite the case in Farcry 3. Liberating outposts will make the Island safer, making travel easier with the decreased amount of Pirate Ambushes and Technicals. Some outposts also contain Collectible Memory Cards that help you later on. Completing Radio Towers allows you to see more of your map and unlock Weapons for Free, add Relics and letters of the lost to that list and you unlock yourself the Cream of the crop weapons known as “Signature Weapons” These weapons are upgrades of pre-existing weapons with wicked attachments. The “Shadow” Pistol for example is a Black M1911 with a red-dot site, Silencer and extended clip. This gun also has maximum range, a high accuracy rating and a Damage boost from it’s predecessor.

With the help of these tips, you’ll soon be king of the jungle and the Hero of the Island with all of the Money, weaponry and vengeance you could ever ask for.


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