Xbox 360 members unlock 4.5 Billion Achievements! Celebrates 10 years of Fun!

Since Microsoft launched the Gamerscore system, gamers have earned over 270 billion achievement points and unlocked a whopping 4.5 billion achievements.

That’s according to Microsoft, currently celebrating the 10th birthday of Xbox Live. The platform holder also notes that since Live began in 2002, over 122,265.266 friendships have been made.

Friendships seems like a strong word for adding randoms dudes you met online playing FIFA, doesn’t it?

Anyway, while Microsoft hands out 10th birthday Xbox consoles to select, long-serving Xbox Live subscribers in the US, Europeans are getting… a helmet.

Yup, anniversary branded avatar helmets have been unlocking for some European users, though the exact requirements to earn it have not been revealed yet.

Go on Europe, show other gamers how special you are.

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Cody Spielvogel is a Freelance Web Designer and Journalist with a Niche in Gaming and Tech Articles. He works as a volunteer at other Under-the-radar websites as a Community Moderator and loves his Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. Follow Cody on twitter @CodySpie

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